Band To Watch: Miracle Fortress

There must be something in the water up north in Montreal, because the city is popping out quality musicians like it's going out of style. Meet Miracle Fortress, one-man-band extraordinaire. When Miracle Fortress (aka Graham Van Pelt -- what a name!) isn't creating music at home, he's busy playing it with his siblings and some members of Sunset Rubdown -- like I said, there's something in the water! He may look a little down in this photo, but believe me the music is sweet and a pop lover's dream. Here's an mp3 of his, "Have You Seen In Your Dreams." I dare you not to fall madly in love!

Miracle Fortress - Have You Seen In Your Dreams

P.S. He also has an amazing cover of John Cale's "Hanky Panky Nohow" on his MySpace page.

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