Band Alert -- Pony Up!

Let's talk about Pony Up!  This incrediblely talented, all-female pop group from Montreal is definitely a band to watch in 2006.  Finally coming into their own, Pony Up!'s debut, Make Love To The Judges With Your Eyes, is full of sincere and personal indie rock.  It's quite touching, in fact, and reminds me of the heartwrenching honesty of Tegan And Sara's album, So Jealous.  They're on the Los Angeles label, Dim Mak, owned by Mr. Steve Aoki himself, and aren't they adorable?  As a feminist I like to shy away from the whole girl-band/hotness factor (after all, it's all about talent right?), but damn these girls are cute AND they've got talent in spades. 

Pony Up! - The Truth About Cats And Dogs (Is That They Die)


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