It's "the Unknown Comic" meets Jason from Friday the 13th in this sardonic, deranged gem of a movie by the Duplass Brothers (The Puffy Chair). After attending an underground film festival, best buds Chad (Steve Zissis) and Matt (Ross Partridge) decide to take their girls, Michelle (Greta Gerwig) and Catherine (Elise Muller), to a remote cabin for the weekend to write a movie script. Chad is really into Michelle, who is eyeing Matt, and Catherine is not amused. Michelle has a bad dream about a guy in the woods wearing a paper bag on his head, and so they use that as the basis to start writing a horror movie -- that is, until a guy with a paper bag on his head shows up. Remember when you were kids and you and your friends tried to scare each other until suddenly you actually freaked yourself out? Well, this is that movie. Call it "slackerscare" cinema. While the film could have gone in many different directions, the ultimate direction it does take is vibrantly satisfying, and the outcome had me smiling contentedly to myself all the way home.

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