Welcome back! Since the producers seem committed to this strange narrative structure that has each episode open up with a bunch angry dudes instead of the bachelorette lounging on a balcony and waxing poetic about #trulove, we open with Nick entering the hotel suite to a very hostile crowd-- if you remember, Kaitlyn decided to let him join her merry band of entitleds, and they are pissed.

As the guys all lounge angrily on the same sectional sofa, Nick faces the firing squad and gives them the usual platitudes (he's not here to "cause drama"), and tells them he'd spoken with Kaitlyn before via twitter and text, and wants to see what happens. Tanner, clearly no stranger to US Weekly, drills Nick on hanging out with his ex Andi a couple weeks ago, and wants to know if he's here for his "16th minute of fame." My favorite, however, came from Josh, who had quite the episode. "Is she a cool chick or an amazing woman?" he demands of Nick, because #feminism. "She's both," Nick answers, which, fine.

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