Azede Jean-Pierre: An Emerging Designer You Need to Know Now

by Maggie Dolan

Photos courtesy of Azede Jean-Pierre

When a style-setter like Solange Knowles wears a look from your debut collection to the New York premiere of her sister Beyoncé's HBO documentary, you're clearly doing something right. And 25-year-old SCAD-trained designer Azede Jean-Pierre certainly is -- after presenting her second collection as part of MADE Fashion Week Spring 2014, Jean-Pierre's name rippled through the fashion world as one to watch. Focusing on clean lines with a twist -- a cut-out here or a rounded hem there -- Jean-Pierre's clothes are a visual treat. Finding inspiration in nature, including landscapes and insects, Jean-Pierre creates abstract patterns, which she imprints on knits or infuses with vibrant colors. "It's really important to me that there is something interesting," says the Haitian-born, Atlanta-raised self-appointed tomboy. "And I feel like I have something different and unique to say." Keep talking Azede; we're listening.

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