Occassional rapper and fulltime internet troll, Azealia Banks, has reignited the very one-sided feud that got her suspended from Twitter in the first place: being an asshole to Zayn Malik.


Banks, who was thrown off the social media platform back in May, bullied his Middle Eastern descent, tweeting unbelievably racist things about calling him "punjab."

After Twitter cut ties with the 25-year-old New Yorker, Azealia posted a series of Eat Pray Love-esque spirituality vows and apologizes for anyone she "may have offended," and has been keeping a relatively low-profile on Instagram.

Now, the rapper, whose music is greatly influenced by LGBTQ culture, and whose fanbase is probably 90% LGBTQ, and who is queer herself, once AGAIN, made an anti-LGBTQ comment, this time directed at Zayn and his recent GQ photoshoot on Instagram.


In the immortal words of the internet: Delete. Your. Account. And we hope the next time you're in the news headlines, it's because you're making more of the fire music that made you famous in the first place.

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