Azealia Banks Made a Video for Her "Harlem Shake" Remix

By Max Kessler

...And no, it's not anything like the million other half-minute long Harlem Shake videos. Azealia Banks's version is a full-length jam and features her signature spitting over Baauer's original beat. In keeping with the meme's history, Banks's video is a no-frills affair that probably didn't take longer than a few hours to shoot. That said, the hype surrounding it was anything but low-key: Baauer had Banks's remix taken off Soundcloud when it made the Internet rounds on Thursday because it wasn't her song. (That's pretty ironic given that Baauer didn't admit to using a sample from Plastic Little's "Miller Time" on his version of "Harlem Shake" until Jayson Musson called him on it.) Either way Banks is no pushover and went ahead and released it. The song is catchy, the video is fun and Banks can hair-flip like no other. 

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