Fresh off her most recent Twitter-fueled crisis involving Sarah Palin, Azealia Banks has no embroiled herself with Twitter's founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey.

Last year, Ms. AB plugged SQUARE CASH, to her unfathomably loyal Twitter following.

Ms. AB did, an action so uncharacteristic in her anarchistic tweeting style that some fans speculated the rapper had been hacked.

As it turns out (well, according to Azealia), Banks had brokered a deal with founder and CEO of Square AND Twitter, Jack Dorsey... promote the semi-successful money service in exchange for Dorsey tweeting support for Banks' recent (and excellent) mixtape, SLAY-Z.

Apparently, Mr. Dorsey didn't hold up his end of the bargain:

Mr. Dorsey also (allegedly) sent Azealia, a self-proclaimed witch, shavings of his BEARD, for some sort of spell to keep him out of harm's way:


Bad idea, Jack.

AZ lamented her commitment to their deal with photographic evidence of sent hair ritual:

Owing Azealia Banks in cosmic payment?

Best wishes to you, and yours.

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