From the beginning, the all-female Ghostbusters remake has been subject to incessant, misogynistic abuse -- however, as Leslie Jones just revealed, she's also been singled out on top of that by a slew of trolls tweeting racist abuse following the film's opening.

Yesterday afternoon, Jones began screenshotting and reposting just a sampling of the horrific, racially-charged bullshit she's received to highlight how incessant, and frankly, shocking, her mentions are.

She then went on to say she felt "numb" and "naive to think that some things was changing."

The onslaught of bullshit was overwhelming to the point where even Twitter founder Jack Dorsey was moved to reach out.

However, the final breaking point was when someone apparently doctored a tweet to make it look as if she was posting racial and anti-gay slurs of her own -- a whole new level of atrocious cruelty that is honestly sickening.

As a result, thousands of Twitter users have begun tweeting under the #LoveforLeslieJ hashtag, boosted by Ghostbusters director Paul Feig and a bunch of other celebrities, like Jada Pinkett Smith and Brie Larson.

After all, Twitter love is the least Leslie deserves. (Another starring comedic film role wouldn't hurt either.)

Photo by Owen Kolasinski/

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