Avril Lavigne Wants Kristen Stewart to Play Her in a Biopic

Avril Lavigne Wants Kristen Stewart to Play Her in a Biopic

Avril Lavigne knows who she wants to portray her in a biopic.

On Tuesday, the star attended the iHeartRadio Music Awards, where she was asked about a potential biopic and who she'd want to play her if a movie about her life actually came to fruition. And Lavigne's answer? None other than Kristen Stewart, of course.

It all started after the pop punk icon was flagged down by a reporter when she was walking down the red carpet, looking a little bashful and nervous as she contemplated her answer for a moment and combed her hand through her hair.

"Like Kristen Stewart would be cool to play me in a film," Lavigne eventually concluded, before adding that the actress was "dope."

Given Stewart's own punk rock leanings, we have to agree that the casting would definitely make sense. Not only that, but Lavigne revealed last year that she was in the process of making a movie adaptation of her breakout single, "Sk8r Boi," for its 20th anniversary. And it may even possibly feature a character based on Lavigne, seeing as how the entire song was based on her own high school experience.

"I'm actually going to turn this song into a film," she said at the time, adding that she was going to take it "to the next level."

Sadly, we haven't really gotten any updates on "Sk8r Boi" the movie since then, but we do know if there's one thing we'd love to see, it's Stewart channeling the same rockstar bravado she brought to her role as Joan Jett in The Runaways biopic.

However, it also may be a challenge to nab Stewart for any film-to-be, especially since she seems extremely busy as of late. After all, she's currently nominated for a "Best Actress" Oscar thanks to her performance in the Princess Diana biopic, Spencer, and is apparently working a gay ghost-hunting show. But even if Stewart is busy though, we always have Melissa Vandella, right?

Watch Lavigne talk about the dream casting below.

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