Avant Silhouettes at Jeremy Laing

Luigi Tadini

The avant-garde school of designers has a new valedictorian this season as Canadian-born Jeremy Laing presented an intriguing collection of fluid form garments challenging proportion and construction. He took a modern approach to fabric combinations, using nylon, gauze, perforated leather and lace cleverly shaped into twisted tops and wrap dresses reminiscent of modern abstract sculptures. The importance of light and its influence on texture were inspiring and the unusual organic shapes of the self-taught designer reinvented the female silhouette for the season. The importance of angles and lines were the force of the spring collection, taking strong influence from vanishing point drawings. There are certain masculine qualities to Laing’s design aesthetic, as evidenced by a boxier cardigan and loose fitting double-breasted cream jacket. The perpendicular lines of his opening look were both strangely complex and simple -- an alluring paradox. A lightweight black cotton funnel dress and a vanishing point wrap exemplified the inherent artistry of contrasts that are unique to this forward thinking designer. The designs are fresh, smart but not pretentious.

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