Photo by Cameron McCool

What's on your holiday wish list this year?

1. GoPro -- I would give this to anyone on my list. I just released my latest video for a track I did with Sage the Gemini called "Put It On Me," and the entire thing was shot with GoPros. You can bring them anywhere and shoot anything, so it's really cool -- we shot our video mostly while jet skiing in Miami.

2. Spurs vs. Cavaliers tickets -- The Spurs are my team. Always the Spurs. Cavs seem like the ones to beat this year so that would be a good game.

3. SoundToys Plug-in Pack -- I've spent most of 2015 in the studio just working on new stuff and producing, really trying to bring a new sound to my music. New software and plug-in packs are always on my wish list because I like to experiment with all of the cool new features and sounds.

4. Hoverboard -- I just got my hoverboard this year. It's just fun to mess around on. There's always some downtime in between soundcheck and the show, and these are awesome when you're bored.

5. A basketball -- mine is flat right now. I would love a new one!

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