Because every step forward comes with approximately 47 steps back, a women-only Wonder Woman showing in Belgium handed its audience gift bags with the fun label "Cool things inside." These "cool things" consisted of a diet pills (everyone needs a little help!), a dish sponge (handy!), bathroom-cleaning supplies (just a friendly reminder!), a little packet of rice/quinoa blend (when you want carbs but really shouldn't!), and a bag of nachos (in case you're feeling a little naughty!).

Take a little look:

The cinema later apologized, claiming the gifts all came from sponsors...but who in their right mind would anyone enlist/accept sponsorship from an entire range of companies only to garner products that, when together, reduce women to a forever cleaning, forever dieting, occasionally binging stereotype?

Kinepolis Begië, apparently.

[h/t The Cut]
Image via Youtube