At Long Last, Migos' "Versace" Gets a Video

by Abby Schreiber

Migos' awesomely ear worm-y song "Versace" finally has a music video and it'd make Donatella proud. Set in a massive palazzo that we're imagining exists somewhere in the land of MTV Cribs (a.k.a. Calabasas/Buckhead/Coral Gables), the clip shows the trio decked out in some '90s baroque Medusa head realness showing off their watches, walking a leopard on a leash and dancing around with a bunch of models. Basically, just your typical day at PAPER HQ.

And though Drake is m.i.a., at the 2:15 mark, the guys transition into their other hit track and start chanting "Hannah Montana" while a bunch of white chicks twerk in the background. The entire video is pretty silly but, honestly, were you expecting some 10-minute Spike Jonze-directed short film for a song that repeats "Versace, Versace" for an entire thirty seconds straight?

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