Astrid of the Belgians!

We're celebrating Astrid of the Belgians as our royal of the week (okay we're mixing in some Marie Antoinette, so sue the MMBlog!). Here's Astrid on her wedding day to the hot Crown Prince Leopold of Belgium. No he's not the nasty Leopold who raped the Congo, that was his grandpa Leopold II who was a real royal scumbag on many levels. This Leopold was cute and nice. Sadly he was driving the car in Switzerland when he lost control and poor Astrid flew out, hit a tree and was killed instantly. She was only 29 and had three little kiddies back at home. Leopold later remarried a Belgian commoner Lillian and had some children with her but the people weren't very happy about it. Also he got a lot of crap for capitulating too quickly to the Nazis in WW II so he abdicated after the war in favor of his son Baudouin.


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