Take a look at the photo above. We'll give you a minute until you see it. There! Yep! You caught it, didn't you!

That's right, ASOS reportedly sent 17,000 plastic shipping bags to print without running spell-check. The giant English retailer presumably has a team of folks whose job it is to get this stuff right. But like any well-meaning project that involves words, typos happen. "Discover fashion onilne" is, well, unfortunate, but totally not the end of the world for ASOS. In the grand scheme of embarrassing typos, this is low on the list. Still, as a digital and print magazine, we wake up screaming from nightmares of misspelling something and not catching in time. It's enough to make any of us check, double-check, and triple-check our work before sending it to editors who look over it again. And yet, mistakes happen, despite our best intentions. We feel your pain deep in our soul, ASOS, we really do.

ASOS appears to be taking this mishap in stride. If you've placed an "onilne" order recently, you may end up unwrapping it in this plastic packaging. According to their Twitter, ASOS won't be pulling the bags out of production. After all, what else could they do? Throw all the damaged bags into the ocean? There's already an archipelago of floating trash islands in the sea. Luckily, ASOS confirmed that these ~limited edition~ shipping bags are recyclable. The absolute last thing the world needs is more waste.

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