Ask Mr. Mickey: November 2005

Dear Mr. Mickey,
I used to be a working Jane. To liven up the office I'd dress in all my most purple finery. Those days are long gone. Now I'm a stay-at-home blogger, and without all those straight-laced types to impress, I rarely take off my sweatpants. Please help! I feel so frumpy!
Casualty Fridays

Dear CF,
Quelle coincidence! Mr. Mickey has recently launched his own soon to be internationally celebrated blog at! Of course you're thinking, "But MM, where on earth do you find the time between your jet-set trips, TV appearances and bathhouse flings?" Well, rest assured that MM always finds a way to reach out and touch his followers. And here he is speaking from hard experience: You must never let your fashion standards down. Girls, we always need to be dressed and ready for a high-fashion photo shoot. You never know when a TV crew might drop by or when you'll be whisked off to a VIP party on a moment's notice. Casual Fridays are a travesty, and MM needs you all to fight for your right to overdress!

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