photo via Taobao

Fuck NYFW, because from the continent that spawned sproutcore comes a bevy of new food-themed accessories (including tempura shrimp and dumplings) to amp up your hairstyle. 

Dubbed by our friends at Dazed as #fakefoodcore, we're thinking this has to be a continuation of Asia's love of plastic food, which has been the cool thing to put on phone cases, erasers and more for the past few years. And while our knowledge of these, uh, inedible accessories may have originated with items from Chinese mega e-retailer Taobao, we've also stumbled upon a Japanese online store solely dedicated to fake food items called Fake Food Hatanaka. Peddling everything from cookie barrettes to okonomiyaki headbands to buffet necklaces, we're pretty stoked to order one of everything from this site. Someone get a street style snap of my sashimi necklace when it comes, please.

photos via Fake Food Hatanaka

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