In "Oh!" news, Page Six is reporting that businesswoman Ashley Olsen, 30, is courting acclaimed painter George Condo, 59, after a "source" spotted the duo snugglin' their faces off at Manhattan's Temple of Bougie Balthazar on Sunday.

The description of said sighting will...stir you:

It was obvious something was going on. It looked like she was dining with her grandpa, but they were holding hands and snuggling.


Grandpa Sundays! Nothing better.

Last November, Ashley's womb mate, Mary Kate, wed her longtime beau, Olivier Sarkozy (lil' bro of the former French president) got their nuptials on in a lavish and uber-private Manhattan wedding adorned with giant bowls of cigarettes.

Sarkozy is 17 years older than M.K.O., so if the Ashley/Condo news is, in fact, true, Ash bests her sis not only in the age department (she's older than Mary Kate by two minutes), but also the "significant age difference with significant other" department.


Have fun, you crazy kids :-)

Header photo via BFA

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