Ashish Gupta's Fall '18 collection may have been as bright as his last show was dark, but its underlying message still hinted at the shadow side of a society hell bent on consumption. Drawing inspiration from his roots making patterns in a clothing factory in Delhi at 16, his high-low presentation included headless mannequins lining the rug-covered runway to mimic an open air market, high-end takes on wearable Mexican blankets, flowing sweaters and skirts belayed with tinsel, a diverse crop of models weighed down by brightly colored plastic shopping bags, and an overabundance of sequins. Commenting on thoughtless consumerism and the cheap high street fashions he saw working in that factory — and that still saturate the streets today — Gupta also created sequined logo parodies of major credit card brands, showing shirts that read American Excess, Masturbate, and Viva (L'Amore):

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Art direction and styling by Rujana Cantoni / Photography by Lera Polivanova / Makeup by Claudia Malavasi / Hair by Marco Minnuno