Artists Have More Sex

Do artists have more fun? Seems like they do, if you believe the findings of The Proceedings of the Royal Society which has published a paper concluding that the more creative a person is, the more sexual partners they are likely to have. The study found that professional artists and poets have around twice as many sexual partners as those who do not indulge in these creative activities. Of course there's a down side: The authors also delved into the personalities of artists and poets and found they shared certain traits with mentally ill patients. We have long suspected that one of the prime motivators attracting people to the arts was the hope of getting laid. Now its been confirmed statistically. Perhaps one day someone will come up with the answer to a question that I have long been pondering: Do smart people enjoy sex more than others? Less? The same? Maybe some of my sophisticated, sexually overactive readers have something to say on this.

photo of Pablo Picasso at work



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