Although there's been some controversy surrounding Shia LaBeouf's role in Sia's "Elastic Heart" music video, it's hard to ignore the emotion and physicality he put into his heartfelt performance. We've been hard on Shia LaBeouf in the past for, frankly, doing dumb shit, but his turn as a nearly nude, caged man really moved us. Seriously!

That's why we were so disappointed when Shia LaBeouf decided to put clothes on and talk about working with Sia on "Elastic Heart" in a behind-the-scenes video via DanceOn's documentary series, The Edge. In the clip, starting at around the 3-minute mark, the actor/artisté begins discussing how the collaboration with Sia came about: The two met at a coffee shop (the birth place of all great artistic creations!) and Shia LaBeouf began to tell Sia about his "auxiliary art stuff," which the singer -- unlike anyone else on earth, we presume -- LOVED. The rest, as they say, is history. But let's allow Shia LaBeouf to recant that history in his own words:

"Sia proabably picked me because she identifies with some aspects of my personality. We both push boundaries a bit. I think we're in this middle ground between pop and something else. I also believe in like the power of art, so her work is very cathartic... and all of my work, especially for the last five years, has just been my soul bared on film... I feel like being here to make art is some sort of redemptive thing for myself and for me. It's completely selfish. I'm here for completely selfish reasons."

Sia and Shia: similar names, similar hearts. Now get back in that cage and DANCE, Shia!

Watch the behind-the-scenes footage from "Electric Heart," above.
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