Artist Q&A With Cecilia Ivy

Julia Frakes

In the wake of Monday's devastating earthquake in China, I thought I'd check in with my friend, Cecilia Ivy, an exceptionally talented 21-year-old artist and photographer from Canton, China. Her whimsical one-woman compositions are delicate, retro and poignant. Cecilia's charming Cindy Sherman-esque self-styled photographs are both quirky and heartfelt. Her soft lighting and simple composition yields a delightful aesthetic that's entirely her own. A super sincere "merci beaucoup" to the talented Miss C.C. for her candid replies -- especially impressive considering English is not her first language! So, without further ado...

Julia Frakes: Who is your favorite artist?

Cecelia Ivy: My favorite artist is the Austrian expressionist Egon Schiele; I also admire modern illustrators like Katherine Streeter and Kill Pixie. Their paintings have lots of personality.

JF: Where were you born? Where do currently live?

CI: I was born in a Chinese city, Canton, where I still live. I'm currently in university courses for graphic design.

JF: When did first become interested in photography?

CI: I got my first camera two years ago... really!

JF: What kind of camera do you prefer?

CI: I use a Canon G9; because I carry "my third eye" all the time, I need a small-sized camera.

JF: What is your favorite kind of flower
CI: Lilies

JF: What are your hobbies?

CI: Photography and fashion design

JF: Who is your favorite fashion designer?

CI: Of course Phoebe Philo, because I like her designs for Chloé the best!

JF: What is your favorite dessert? 

CI: Badan Jilin dessert is my favorite.

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