Art + Culture Opens eGallery

Peter Davis

The next time you recklessly shop on eBay during the twilight time before that Ambien hits, surf instead to the brand new eCommerce site Art + Culture Editions, which sells pieces by top contemporary artists like Andres Gursky, David Levinthal, Poppy de Villeneuve, Nick Cave, Karen Kilimnik, William Wiler, Chuck Close, Alexis Rockman and others for prices ranging from $50 to $90,000, but most things are under $5,000. Founder and CEO Chris Vroom knows his art -- his nonprofit foundation, Artadia is trying to raise a billion bucks in support for artists and institutions over the next ten years. "Our goal is to get great artwork into everyone's homes no matter where they live or who they know," says Art + Culture's Chessy Wilson. "We want to help a generation of art lovers become collectors."

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