Whether it's his abstract figures of soft, fleshy nudes or dark drone paintings influenced by his rage and grief towards the current Middle Eastern political situation, Iraqi-Hungarian artist Kamil Franko brings a juxtaposition of human and machine, between love and violence, to his tactile paintings. This Art Basel Miami Beach, Franko will be showing a new painting at Iron Flower Fitness Miami (7400 NE 2nd Ave) starting tomorrow at 6pm till Saturday. Before the madness of Miami, Franko talks about this new extension of his work and what it's like making paintings in solitary confinement.

Who: Kamil Franko

Medium: Tactile paintings on wood and canvas

Kamil Franko, The Drone Connotation from Love and Violence

Where to see his work in Miami: Iron Flower Fitness Miami, 7400 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138

Friday 12/04, 6-9pm; Saturday 12/05, 6-9pm

For your solo show, Love and Violence, at New Release, you worked for three months alone in a cabin in Hungary. What was that solitary process like?

Some funny things happen when you stay alone. Some half crazy, some sense. A lot of things got clarified in this process and a new door opened. I really love the solitude, it makes me censored somehow. You start to listen to silence and you begin to have the capacity to do what you feel is right.

Kamil Franko, Suddenly Sodomi from Love and Violence

How has your work progressed since the show?

I basically started painting right away after the show. This time though I have been sparked by rage and grief for the countless of fallen victims in the Middle-Eastern and European situation. ISIS, the outrages political aftermaths, Drone programs and the US-Saudi Arabian alliance. I'm finishing a small piece made out of three wood panels as an urge to express the psychological devastation for all civilians who has fall victim for these perverted activities. In many ways it is an extension from my latest show and I think. In general all my pieces are interconnected. I don't like to operate in separate "series." There is a continuous flow where the pieces of expression feed each other to new and unexplored realms.

What's next?

Next is always madness.. Next is always exciting.. Next will be me back to New York in February and start off getting a studio and start materialising my next paintings.

Kamil Franko, Desert Shore from Love and Violence

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