Everything We Know About r.e.m. Beauty So Far

Everything We Know About r.e.m. Beauty So Far


Ariana Grande's signature glam is instantly recognizable: Her staple high ponytail, winged liner and soft, archless brows. It feels obvious that she would launch her own beauty brand, especially after influencing so many to replicate her look. We're anxiously waiting to get our hands on r.e.m. Beauty, but in the meantime here's everything we know so far:

Grande revealed to Allure that r.e.m. Beauty has been in the works for two years and she's working with the reputable Forma Brands, the masterminds behind Morphe. This means we can expect heavily pigmented, high-quality products across eyes, lips and face. The brand name comes from the dream state of slumber, but more obviously pulls from the track on her Sweetener album.

The pop star explained that r.e.m. beauty will conduct a series of drops, in alignment with most viral brands, but not something we see too often in the beauty world. Like previous celebrity-turned-beauty entrepreneurs, from Lady Gaga to Halsey, Grande developed a series of products that work for her based on her personal makeup choices.

This first drop (date unknown) will be all about eyes. So far, we know "Chapter One" will contain liquid eyeliners, liquid eyeshadows (both matte and glitter) and mascara. Rumor has it that "Chapter Two" will be all about lips, with both creamy lipsticks and tingly glosses. Today, Grande teased the first few images from "Chapter One" of r.e.m. beauty.

In the meantime, follow r.e.m. Beauty on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. We know we'll be anxiously refreshing every page for the first drop — Brb, praying that "Chapter Three" includes ponytail extensions...

Photo courtesy of r.e.m. Beauty