Are Office Romances Good for Business

As depicted in George Clooney's movie "Good Night, and Good Luck," office romances have been frowned upon, if not outlawed outright, since the dawn of the modern age. Yet they go on. Who among us hasn't at least been tested. Many, I dare say, have even fallen victim to its lures. Now we have a study on the Workplace Romance Phenomenon conducted in England that concludes that that they've got it ass backwards. Love isn't the problem. It's the break-up that screws everything up. "Employers are causing problems and contributing to decreasing performance levels by refusing to recognise that workers are falling in love - or lust - while at work, the researchers said. Rather than banning workplace affairs, companies should offer help and support to workers, both during their romances and, more importantly, in the aftermath of any break-up."

via Independent


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