Arcade Fire Get Really Creepy in the New Video for "Reflektor"

by Max Kessler

After what feels like a long wait, Arcade Fire are back with new single "Reflektor" and not one, but two accompanying music videos. Both are directed by Anton Corbijn and are, uh, creepy. We went with the embeddable one -- you can check out the other, which is interactive and pretty crazy, here. This version of "Reflektor" is a black-and-white affair that sort of feels like a mishmash of horror movies: you've got a group of menacing people in creepy masks, a couple driving through the dark woods, a dash of Clockwork Orange fashion and some mirrored-disco-ball Freddy Krueger realness. As the song chugs along (with a heavy electro-disco influence from LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy, who produced the track) we see the characters slowly begin to reflect on themselves while literally mirroring one another's movements and staring at dolls (probably meant to symbolize a reflection of youth). Watch it above, but don't watch it alone at night.

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