Baltimore Internet personality "Dooley" aka Abdel Ibrahim enlisted some pals for a funny rap video putting presidential hopeful/tyrant-in-the-making Donald Trump on full-blast.

The song, titled "Choppa In Da Trunk 4 Donald Trump" (stylized as CIDT4DT) is a profane, and mostly hilarious rip on the Republican frontrunner, with Dooley, his friends Tlow and Lor Rodger, with an entourage in tow, sauntering around their neighborhood to a heavy trap beat.

"Guess what we got for him?" They ask, before the whole crew starts chanting the chorus, "We got a choppa (rifle) in the trunk for Donald Trump!"

"Boy ain't even white!" Dooley proclaims, with the boys answering, "You yellow!"


"You said you'd date your own daughter; you a sicko!"

After a few more burns, they get to the meat of the issue, chanting "Fuck Trump! Fuck Trump! Fuck Trump--he a bitch-and-a-half!"

However, major point deduction for the "Faggot-ass," mention at the end, bros.

Watch the video below.

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