"Anti-Crafts" for the Broke at the Degenerate Craft Fair

Elizabeth Thompson

This time of year is DIY heaven for craft junkies, but items at many handmade holiday events can be downright pricey. Enter artists Amy Wilson and Shannon Broder who, Wilson tell us, created the Degenerate Craft Fair as a result of the recession and "as a way to start thinking of some new, affordable ways to sell our work." The month-long event, billed as an "anti-art fair," had a bazaar at Bushwick's the Silent Barn earlier in the month, and, today, you can catch it at 303GRAND until 8 p.m. or next weekend at Chelsea's BravinLee Programs from 12 to 6 p.m. Wilson tells us to expect mulled wine, spiked hot chocolate, and items for sale that "are fucked up and weird and some that are beautiful and amazing," including birth control pill cases with crying babies faces on them; "Holy Shit" totebags from artist Renee Delosh; tiny water towers made out of felt; square inches of actual land from Detroit, MI via LOVELAND, Detroit. Head over for some cocoa with a kick and do some anti-gift shopping for your favorite degenerates.

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