Sonic sorceress AHOHNI has released a stunning new video for her booming track "Crisis," from her debut album Hopelessness, and it may just move you to tears (I mean, duh).

The singer has a woman named Storm Lever be her visual proxy, staring directly into the camera, eyes teary, seeming to sing the gut-wrenching lyrics like these...

If I killed your father with a drone bomb
How would you feel?

...right at you.

In the video's press release, the acclaimed musician makes a stirring statement about the continued carnage happening in the Middle East, wrought by the US's military occupation.

De-escalation cannot occur until we truly account for what the United States has done.
I wanted to model what that might look like on a personal level as an American citizen.
There is an unspoken sense that the atrocities our country has committed in the Middle East are too grave to really acknowledge or account for.
And yet for peace to really take hold, there is no other road forward


Watch the video below.

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