It's always a bittersweet feeling to watch a meme hit its peak. For months, Evanescence's 2003 nu metal/goth/emo/kinda Christian hit from 2003, 'Bring Me To Life', has been blazing through social media, providing a dramatic soundtrack to lame skate tricks and calm things going crazy. For example...

It's been a darkly emotional, hilarious ride. But now, with the emergence of this disgruntled pet cover of 'Bring Me To Life' from Youtuber Insane Cherry, the meme has reached its truest, most perfect purpose and must now give way to the encroaching Smash Mouth memes.

Please enjoy the brightest twinkle of this dying star...

[police siren from music video]

>~*GooDBYe EVanEScENcE MeME*~<

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