Andy Warhol's Top 5 Most Amazing Interview Moments

by Justin Moran

Eighty-six years ago today, pop artist Andy Warhol was born to humble beginnings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -- a place far from the brilliantly subversive world he would eventually create in New York City. Between his groundbreaking silk-screens of iconic pop culture figures to his gritty, experimental films that captured underground legends like Edie Sedgwick and Candy Darling, Warhol was never one to revel in anything conventional, his media interviews included. In celebration of his birthday -- one of the greatest days of the year -- we've compiled our top five picks for Warhol's most amazingly unusual interviews. Here's to endless awkward silence, silver wigs and some incredibly weird pairs of glasses.

Warhol was a man of few words, responding to this poor woman's questions exclusively with "Uh, no" or "Uh, yes."

When asked what prompted this particular self-portrait series, Warhol pauses for a few seconds and gives a very straightforward response: "I ran out of ideas." We wish more people were this honest.

The interviewer describes Warhol as looking like, "A Cherub out of a 19th Century Dickens' novel," which is pretty spot-on. When asked what he wants people to do with his art, Warhol insists that they buy it, but also re-sell it. "Everything should be recycled, like leftover food at a restaurant," he says.

Warhol, who was apparently not used to public appearances, decides to stay silent throughout the interview, only to respond by whispering to Edie Sedgwick who then relays everything to Merv Griffin.

Warhol sits between the beautiful Candy Darling and Jane Fonda discussing his latest film, Blonde on a Bum Trip. "[Warhol] is the cool center around which rotates the freakiest collection of displaced egos in New York," says the narrator.

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