A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
is Broadway's latest offering for anglophiles seeking comedy. A certain multiply-guv'nered man had us guffawing in the aisle last season, does this gentleman live up to his lineage? Find out in our full review!

After Midnight
revives the golden era of Harlem jazz and its most-famous venue, the
Cotton Club, with a Broadway musical review. Do they succeed in bringing uptown to midtown or is it not worth staying up late for? Find out in our full review!

Magic! Magic? On Broadway? Two Neil Patrick Harris-endorsed magicians from L.A. are hoping to keep you entertained for a little over an hour with not much more than a few decks of cards. Find out if you should sit and watch for a spell, or if Nothing to Hide is nothing to write home about in our full review!

How to Make Friends and Then Kill Them, now playing at Rattlestick Theater, may have the best title of the season. Did it knock us dead or make us want to kill ourselves? Watch our review and find out!

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