AndrewAndrew have two very different reviews for two very different newly opened productions today: Wonderland, a re-imagining of Louis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland set in New York and Sleep No More, which Andrews describe as "Shakespeare meets Hell House meets a warehouse rave." Unfortunately, Andrews super, super hated Wonderland. Oh man, did they not like it! The score? "Abysmal." The plot? "Abysmal." At best, they thought it was just like seeing a Cirque du Soleil production with a little more dialog thrown in. On the brighter side, Andrews absolutely loved the deranged, Hitchcockian Macbeth adaptation, Sleep No More. There were goat orgies and everything, which we suppose is better than uninspired interpretations of classic childrens tales.Check out Andrews' iPhone-recorded recaps below. 


Sleep No More:

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