The Bridges of Madison County

Meryl Streep made Bridges of Madison County's Francesca Johnson famous. Can Kelli O'Hara make this beloved character sing, more importantly can the creative team give her something worth singing about in this story of rural ennui?

Rocky the Musical

The film Rocky, like it's eponymous hero, was an underdog. Made hastily with a small budget it went on to become a big hit and win three Academy Awards. Relatively-speaking, Rocky the Musical has substantially more budget and established star power behind it. Is this show a has-been or a knockout? Find out in our full review!

Tales from Red Vienna

Paper Beautiful Person Nina Arianda first seduced us in 2011's sexy Venus In Fur. In Tales of Red Vienna she's been widowed by World War One and has hit rock bottom. Parallels to our time abound in David Grimm's script, which is heavy with social commentary and critic. Can Arianda make this serious role her own?

All the Way

LBJ's assumption of the presidency may not be the sexiest moment in American history, but it was tumultuous. His struggle to finish the fight for equality which JFK started is brought to life in this Sorkin-esque production. Does it win our vote? Find out in the full review.

Hand to God

When the Devil possesses a hand puppet at a Texan Christian puppet ministry all hell breaks loose. Does this quirky Off-Broadway production make us true believers?

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