"Panda" rapper Desiigner gives a spirited performance in a new Vogue video with model Andreea Diaconu set to his current radio hit (and strong contender for song of the summer).

The video, which doubles as a fashion feature for summer 2016 swimwear and a slick visual for "Panda," takes the viewer to the busy streets of Manhattan. There, Desiigner dabs, does some light tai chi, and partakes in something that resembles parkour.

As Julianne Escobedo Shepherd at Jezebel aptly points out, the jury is still out as to what Diaconu is doing, but it looks like she might be dancing, too, albeit a little awkwardly. Vogue has a thing for this:

One of the many indignities of being a Vogue reader is that often, you will be watching one of their videos and, out of nowhere, a model begins dancing when... it is clear that is not her natural state.

Justice for very tall women in high heels being forced to dance!

Watch Diaconu and Desiigner strut their stuff down sun-soaked, busy Wall Street above.

(h/t Jezebel)

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