Yeah, you read that right. To protest what she sees as "the pretense, competition and the amount of bullshit in the art world," Bushwick-based artist/comedian Lisa Levy is planning to sit naked on a toilet for two days for a piece called The Artist Is Humbly Present.

A reference to Marina Abramović's much-publicized durational MoMA performance The Artist Is Present, it's set to take place over the weekend of January 30th from 1-6 pm on both days at the Christopher Stout Gallery. However, Levy also is planning on maybe bringing a space heater and taking ample break times.

According to Bushwick Daily, the performance is (obviously) "kind of a joke," with Levy being "most excited about the experience.

"I am really curious to see how the people will react," she said, especially since she also chose this particular mode of performance in an effort to present herself in "the humblest way possible."

"I think ego interferes with art making, it makes the artist self-conscious," she continued. "The most direct way to make the artwork is the least egoic way possible."

Talk about a crappy critique, huh?

[h/t Bushwick Daily]

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