Amy Winehouse & Pete Doherty's Blood Painting + Emo Hair Causes Lazy Eyes = Eight Items or Less

Elizabeth Thompson + Gary Pini

Oh dear: a painting made of Amy Winehouse's blood -- a collaboration with Pete Doherty titled "Ladylike" -- was auctioned in London recently. More depressing, it went for half the amount it was expected to. [NYT, Photo via The Guardian]

When Kanye West rented an entire floor at London's posh Lanesborough hotel, members of the royal family were staying one floor below and, according to the Financial Times, complained about the "loud-ass rap music and weed smoke."  This week, Kayne is back in London with his "Watch the Throne" partner, Jay-Z, for a 5-night stand at the O2 Arena.  Tickets for shows from May 18 to 22 in the 20,000-seat venue are still available.

The fastest-rising baby names in America are "Briella" for girls and "Brantley" for boys. America needs to find the nearest mirror and punch its own reflection, stat. [Buzzfeed]

Australia's Optometrists Association is warning that emo haircuts, in which bangs tend to fall  across one eye in a way that is just so beautiful it hurts -- can cause lazy eyes among kids. [Death+Taxes]

For the wannabe zombie with a sweet tooth: edible chocolate brains created from MRI scans. [TheLaughingSquid]

Here's a Ghostbusters tour of New York City! [Via Vulture]


A 3-year-old is awoken in the backseat by his older brother and sister blasting "Breed" by Nirvana. He reacts awesomely. [Gawker]

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