Did anybody order this? Comedian Amy Schumer, actress Goldie Hawn, actress Joan Cusack, and comedian Wanda Sykes have come together to make a parody video of Beyoncé's "Formation," called "Get in Formation." I guess it's not really so much of a parody, as an exercise in tone deaf white privilege for a song about black excellence and police brutality and Katrina that came out in February. It is a Tidal exclusive, so that implies Bey approval, but really, nobody managed to put a stop to this? The video features the ladies on location together lip syncing, and I suppose they are getting their lives but... this is a terrible terrible thing. Mercifully, the only connection it seems to have to the original are some elements of the choreography. And there are animals. And hats. The video was ostensibly made with the best of intentions, but this is just so deeply clueless.

Watch below...

[h/t Pitchfork]

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