The new season of Inside Amy Schumer is continuing to slay...everyone, and last night, the national treasure perfectly parodied Hollywood's woman problem, specifically its unbelievable lack of depth in female characters.

The clip is set at the Academy Awards, with Steve Buscemi presenting the award for Best Actress; Schumer leads the category, as Amy Winsbury in The Clumsy Coal Minor, frantically pleading with her husband on the phone: "I know what you're doing there is important, but when you comin' home, baby? I'm your WIFE!"

Listed alongside Amy, are actual Oscar winner Julianne Fucking Moore...

...Maggie Gyllenhaal...

...Jennifer Hudson...

...and Laura LINNEY.

When Amy wins, she gives her acceptance speech by phone:

Oh my god, I'm so happy first of all I'd like to thank my hair team ...but more than anything I really want to thank the writers, because you're the ones that come up with all these dynamic roles for women. Without you we wouldn't be able to answer the phone. Thank you, heroes.


Watch below.

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