Continuing on the US portion of her uber=successful world comedy tour, Amy Schumer--this weekend--experienced the unspeakable horror that is Floridian Trump supporters. The actress/comedian who is not only a staunch Hillary supporter, but an outspoken advocate for gun control, made a few jokes at the expense of the Republican presidential nominee/imp of Hell, which caused a 200 person walkout from the theater.

It started when Schumer pulled one of the jeering audience members on stage to ask him why he's voting Trump.

"I am in no way trying to shame you," Schumer told the man once he was on her level, "this isn't going to be an ally for either of us, I just really want to know why Trump has your vote."

He replied, "Because I can't trust Hillary," and launched into a tirade about why he hasn't voted Republican since Reagan (oh, fuck me hard in Hell), but now he has to "flip." Schumer maintained her composure against his nauseating answer, and rightfully stated: "We're not talking about why you don't like Hillary, we're talking about why you like Trump."

After Schumer pressed him if he worries about Trump's impulsivity, and the very legitimate concern over what he could do if he was in charge of America's nuclear arsenal, the man--clearly stumped--just said "I'm not really voting for Trump, I'm just voting against Hillary."

"You can sit down now," Amy said, demonstrating that violently arbitrary nature of a Trump vote. Schumer then mentioned how this week--with so many allegations of Trump's prior sexual harassment surfacing--was triggering for her, and asked anyone in the audience who's survived sexual violence to stand up (if they wanted to); the crowd applauded the few women and men who stood with her.

After being interrupted a few more times as she tried to speak about the election, Schumer informed any hecklers or disrupters that they would be thrown out if they continued.

"Everybody point to the people booing," Schumer said, before directing them to the exit doors.

Boy, bye.

Header photo via Billy Farrell/BFA

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