Amy Schumer has decided to respond to online criticism of a recent photo she posted on Instagram.

Last weekend, Schumer elicited mixed reactions after she posted a photo of herself in public wearing only a bra and mesh hospital underwear.

Because while some commended her candor and ability to be explicitly real about her postpartum body, others decided to go the mommy-shaming route and brand the photo "inappropriate" and "thirsty."

That said, Schumer — who recently gave birth to her son Gene — was having none of it.

Taking to her Instagram yet again, Schumer posted paparazzi photos of herself showing off her C-section scar. The caption?

"I'm really sorry if I offended anyone with my hospital underwear," she wrote. "Except I'm just kidding. #csection #balmain."

Check out Schumer's latest post, below.

Photo via Getty

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