After a tumultuous year that has included the dismissal of founder and CEO Dov Charney for years of monstrous behavior, the recent cleaning house of staffers (including the dismissals of longtime creative directors Marsha Brady and Iris Alonzo), and an embarrassing model casting call leak proclaiming that "instagram hoes" and "thots" need not apply to be the face of the brand, American Apparel has debuted its newest model. Meet Buttercup, a three-toed sloth with a "surprise" to be unveiled on April 22nd. Is the surprise that Buttercup will be revealing American Apparel's plans to only work with universally loved animals going forward, including kittens that are very, very sleepy, the dog that rides a roomba, capybaras and one of those cockatoos that freaks out over Taylor Swift? Because, well, we'd actually be fine with that.

Regardless, April 22nd can't come soon enough. You just can't beat a sloth with a secret.

[Via Dazed]
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