Ever wonder how Amber Rose's skin always manages to look so flawless? Well, girl's just dished and apparently her au natural glow has a little something to do with pleasuring yourself. That's right, in a recent interview with Glamour, Rose said that her secret is to masturbate more often -- which definitely feels like a skincare regimen we can stick to.

"I wish I had the time to masturbate every day in reality, but I don't," she said. "I say a lot of those things on [The Amber Rose Show] because I am very sex-positive. I do say those things in a way where I am very serious, but it's also a joke." That said, Rose has spoken about masturbation -- and specifically her love of masturbating in front of a mirror -- before on her Loveline show. Again, very, very doable.

[h/t Glamour]

photo by David X Prutting/BFA.com