Amazon is the ultimate one-stop-shop for absolutely everything, but it's rarely regarded as a source of cool, new fashion. Keely Murphy, a 25-year-old LA-based stylist, has embarked on a mission to change that through her Instagram @fashionsecrets93, which spotlights Amazon's hidden gems. Every week on PAPER, Murphy will curate a list of Amazon fashion secrets, all of which you can buy here. This week, she's chosen 15 Halloween costumes to try, from Criss Angel to Britney Spears.

Andre Agassi

Wrangler Jorts

Criss Angel

Emo Wig

Dominic Toretto

White Tank Top

Flame Boy

Flame Boots

Lil Uzi Vert

Tripp Pants

Oops!... I Did It Again

Latex Catsuit

Ren Faire

Medieval Dress

Ricky Bobby

Flames Hat

Romi and Michelle

Slip On Sandal

Runaway Bride

Wedding Dress

Tonya Harding

Mermaid Scrunchie

VMA Britney

Denim Hat

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