Amazon's Transparent is one of the best shows on TV (or streaming) for quite a few reasons -- it has a nuanced, effective depiction of a trans woman's coming out, a believable, specific family dynamic, and one of the best portrayals of modern Judaism around, all in addition to its fantastic cast (including Bradley Whitford, Rob Huebel, and Melora Hardin along with the stars). But mostly, these attributes boil down to the way that creator Jill Soloway, the writers, and actors all love these admittedly rather prickly, myopic characters. Thankfully, Amazon loves Transparent, too -- the streaming service has renewed the show for a third season before the second even has a premiere date. There are probably cynical reasons for this announcement, but given how successful the show has been, it was a foregone conclusion anyway. Just a nice pick-me-up for your Thursday.

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