Alus and Cakes Da Killa Are Snatching Wigs

Alus and Cakes Da Killa Are Snatching Wigs

Watch those edges and make sure your shit's taped down because Alus and Cakes Da Killa are coming to snatch some wigs in their latest single.

The newest track from the rising pop/ R&B singer, "Wig!" sees Alus and Cakes teaming up on a bouncy low-rider of a beat with some bossed up lyrics as well as a sample courtesy of Canada's Drag Race queen Lemon to craft a perfect "feeling yourself" bop. Arriving alongside a Sally Tran-directed visual, the one-shot music video for "Wig!" features choreography by Omari Brown designed to embody the spirit of the expression as well as a cameo from Yén Nguyen.

"'Wig' is one of my favorite expressions," says Alus of the track. "I love how drag queen vernacular like 'wig' and 'wig snatched' have taken over pop culture. I think this song perfectly captures that energy and expression of being shook, amazed, or taken aback by something. This is a care-free anthem about self-expression to listen to whether you're getting ready to go out or spilling tea with a bestie. Wigs are always getting snatched and now we have a song to go with the moment."

In addition to dropping the music video, Alus will also be auctioning off the visuals as an NFT with all the proceeds from the sale going towards benefitting the Transgender Law Center.

Watch the PAPER premiere of Alus' "Wig!" featuring Cakes Da Killa below.

Photo Courtesy of Alus