At the forefront of sustainable fashion, Allbirds is committed to producing shoes made out of renewable materials like ethically sourced Merino wool and eucalyptus tree fiber, as well as laces made from recycled water bottles. And shoes this sleek that are as conscientious as they are comfortable deserve to be paired with equally thoughtful fashion.

We teamed up with Allbirds to enlist New York City-based designer — and sustainability trailblazer — Maria Cornejo to dream up several different pieces (dresses, jackets, pants, zip-ups) made of the same ZQ-certified Merino from Allbirds's Wool Runners and Wool Loungers. While Cornejo's creations are one-of-a-kind, you can take inspiration from this wooly wonderland and snag a pair of Allbirds that'll have you leaving just the right kind of footprint.

Photography: Simon Burstall
Styling: Mia Solkin
Hair: Dennis Lanni
Makeup: Daniel Avilan
Models: Katy Ching, Danyrose Langeron, Nadia Llorens, Annabelle Weatherly, and Yasmin