There's a whole situation happening, pals, that points to Yeezy dropping a full collaboration with Drake at his NYFW Season 5 show today. That's right, the joint album we have been waiting on for many moons.

The project has been teased by both artists for a significant amount time and an actual NAME has now been thrown into the works, tweeted GQ Style writer Jake. 'Lost Hills' is allegedly the title of some Yeezy/Drizzy situation, but whether that be song or album we just don't know.

While West reportedly hasn't been working post his hospitalization in November, but considering Yeezy Season 3 was the backdrop for Kanye's release of The Life of Pablo last year, it's not implausible that West would use Yeezy Season 5 to bring forth unreleased bangers.

It's also worth noting that West is likely looking to redeem himself after the tragedy that was Yeezy Season 4 and new music, with Drake no less, would definitely get industry leaders excited.

[h/t Nylon]

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